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Four Keys to Fall Outdoor Fun

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting chilly. I don't know about you, but this is my favorite time of year! While it is getting too cold for swimming and sunbathing in many parts of the country, here are four ways to keep the fun rolling into autumn and beyond.

smiling couple hiking in the fall

Go to the Park

The trees are turning and the daytime temps are perfect for a hike or a picnic. As kids go back to school and visitor counts go down, now is the perfect time to catch your local parks and big national parks from Moab to and Yellowstone in their most colorful, pristine, and photogenic states.

Yosemite national park in the fall

Stay Warm

As the temperatures plummet, having fun outside is a matter of having the right gear: warm clothes, waterproof boots, and warm sleeping bags, if you're sleeping outside. The fall is a great time to try camping alternatives that are more comfortable but still close to nature, like the cabins and yurts that are available in many parks throughout the western states.

Gather Together

Now is the perfect time to get la familia together around a campfire with cider and s'mores. For extra fun, make it a haunted Halloween bonfire! If bobbing for apples is off the agenda post-covid try the more hygenic (and fun!) alternative of hanging apples (or donuts!) from strings. Need a safe and fun way to have a fire? Check out our rustic fire pit with poker and our firewood holder options. If you want additional heat for your gathering, try a propane patio heater.

Family playing charades around a firepit

Enjoy the Water

This one may sound counterintuitive. We usually associate the summer with going to the beach and boating. But, if you have a kayak or a fishing rod, the fall is the perfect time to savor the reflection of golden leaves in clear water, without the summer crowds, bugs, and sunburn. If this inspires you to replenish your gear or take up a new hobby, check out our affordable fishing collection and an easy-to-transport inflatable touring kayak!

Man fishing in a river with autumn foilage

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